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Reviews for "Save the Moon"


The name of this game doesnt have anything to do with itself.
Should be renamed to "Collect the cheese".

lots more you could have done

it was a fun game but there was a lot more you could have done. Like you could have added some enemies. and done something with mice (like an enemy). Also you could have added more upgrades and explain why there was cheese in the sky. I understand this was a 24 hour game but you could always make a sequel.

Not too bad

Fun, got boring after a minute but eh I kept playing!

too easy

i finished on day 11 with all upgrades seems way to easy.
my suggestion make more hazards, spikes from the left is one thing but how about spikes oncoming from the right?
my advice if you make another one make the cheese look "real" so you can maybe ahve a hazard such as "moldy cheese" or something of the sort. 3/5

Decent game

Decent game could have been better u could have actually add some coins so u dont have to spend the cheese and had defferent difficulties like easy-2,000 cheese normal 5,000 chesee and hard 10,000 chesse and medals too Just my opinion dont kno how any1 else feels 4/5 8/10