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Reviews for "Save the Moon"

What's wrong with all of you?

No complaints.


The concept is fun, the the gameplay is awful. The constant drop in health makes no sense, nor does the horrible responsiveness of the ship.


I lost interest after the 20th day, wasn't anymore goals to try and achieve.. which was annoying.. nice game, very very addictive, could have been a higher score, abit harder, an option of what sort of spaceships you could have.. like a cheese spaceship :)

Simple yet Sweet, like Cheese

It's simplicity makes it lack that certain something, but this game wasn't supposed to be that type of game. It's simplicity was what it was intended for, and it was very successful for what it was made for. It is a 10/10 in it's genre.

it was

a ok game my screen kept moving and it was really repetative but other than that it was a awsome game.