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Reviews for "Rubble Trouble New York"

Try as much as i can..

I can beat level 16. I must have tried 100 times.
So im stuck forever and cant progress further.

Very frustrating.

Otherwise the game is pretty good, for what i could play. Funny, powers are nice and varied, works well overall.

Damn cannon levels!

The cannon levels are unbearable i quit on the second because of it. I would suggest that there be a way to return the camera to the cannon from the ball when it's following without firing and the ability to reset the level while the building your not supposed to hit is falling.


i liked it but on level 11 the canon kept firing 3 or4 at the same time without charging. the same with the missiles.

Great Game, although...

I really enjoy this game but am stuck on level 31. It is impossible!

Not a bad game but the people to be rescued may be hurt very randomly : sometimes falling from whole buildings without being hurt and sometimes just by tripping over another guy, *bam* gone to the hospital. Wth.