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Reviews for "Rubble Trouble New York"

Same as everyone else

It's great fun, interesting idea. Unfortunatly, level 16 got me. Those damn cannonballs bounce and hit that damn truck or building every time. Wrong tool for the job, definitly. Little more balance and this game wold be great instead of just good.

Good game, controls a little wonky

Especially the Grabber tool is difficult to control. When you've got a guy on there and you're trying to be careful, its way too easy to have him just go flying into space for what appears to be no reason. I couldn't finish playing because saving the guys was just way too touchy.

The Cannon also has way too much power... at half-power I'd usually send it flying off the screen.

Fun but annoying

It was an entertaining game for a few minutes. It began to get annoying after a while simple because half the time when I knew I was going to fail a mission after killing someone or knocking down a building the game wouldnt let me click restart. I wish I could just hit 'R' on the keyboard but instead I had to wait for the building to fall or the character to die and then the menu would finally pop up.

The assortment of weapons is nice but sometimes overdone. Why do I need 3 different weapons when I can just use the bombs to destroy a building? The cannon was a pain in the ass to use for me as well. You never had a good idea of how far it was going to go or the angle where you where shooting it. I would of rather used the missiles in the cannon levels.

Like some people said its not really a puzzle games at times... its not hard its just a game of luck and very little skill in certain levels.

i liked it at first

but after a while the game wasnt puzzling it was just annoying especially the cannon levels, also would have been better with uprades considering you earn money after every level

Nice one, but buggy

Nive game. The characters r pretty sweet hehe. And i like blowing things up. Its actually my profession.

Bute there where a few bugs in it. I had to watch a crappy add in the first place and then? Nothing. Had to try like 5 times. Then it started.
In the first missile level they shoot the missile (or at least theres a litte explosion and some sound), but theres no missile. I reloaded the level like 4 times, but nothing. Quit the game.

Nice game anyway.