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Reviews for "Rubble Trouble New York"

Great, unique and fun.

Played right through until lvl 27; great game, graphics and play factor. (Music nicely done too)

Some of the puzzles made you think and some of the tools (a gattling gun? ahah) were fun to use.

Few minor issues with mouse tracking, and sometimes when moving the cannon or the gattling gun the operator would be upside down, not a big deal just some odd glitches.

To get past level 16, take out everything expect the nitro boxes and one pillar next to the greenhouse, then bounce a shot off the wall to the right so it bounces back and hits the pillar, enough shots and you can clear a shot to the nitro boxes, destroying the whole thing and sparing the greenhouse (doing it this way also prevents your cannon ball from bouncing off the nitro and hitting the greenhouse)

Glitchy mouse controls ruin the game

Good concept, terrible execution. You should spend more time making sure the mouse control doesn't keep going upwards for no reason.

Excellent game

I can't get past level 16 either, but I'm sure that if I try enough times, it's possible.
Games like this can get frustrating, but your concept, graphics, animation are all flawless. 5/5, favorite.

Same as everyone else

It's great fun, interesting idea. Unfortunatly, level 16 got me. Those damn cannonballs bounce and hit that damn truck or building every time. Wrong tool for the job, definitly. Little more balance and this game wold be great instead of just good.

fine-tweeking needed

aiming with the mouse and using the cannongets disrupted when the screen centering refreshes. very frustrating in that regard. some of the ammo limits are also frustrating. Well, made, fresh idea, good fun. The surrounding buildings are too weak in my opinion.