Reviews for "-586rick- Crash Man"

very catchy!

This is a great remix. I used it in the Actionmod Advanced tech demo and it went along with it really well. Thanls for making this!

Wow, I can't believe I'm the first guy to use and/or credit this in a flash movie!

586rick responds:

Thanks for the review.


That song is sick
I reckon its mad

586rick responds:

I am glad that you think its mad lol. Thanks for the review.

I like the new beat.

Not too Original. But i like the tune. You did a good job. I think you deserve a cookie. A cookie of DOOM! haha, nm! Keep up the good work.

586rick responds:

Lol, a cookie of doom. Thanks for the review.

I really liked it

It was a very good song. The music in megaman is always good. You got yourself a very good remake hear. A nice fast paced song is always something nice to hear in the morning. The only bad thing was that you didnt write the song. Still really good though.
Great job.

586rick responds:

well, glad that you like it, and I know that its not original, but i am extremely better in remaking song, than invented, I did some created song, and it wasn't as good as my remake. Thanks for the review.


This was a great audio to hear! I hope to hear more from you, Keep up the good work. 5/5

586rick responds:

Thanks for the review, don,t worry I'll try to not desapoint you, with my next remake.