Reviews for "KITTY SAEVS TEH DAY!!!"


This has got to be the worst thing I've seen on the frontpage yet... wow this place is really going down hill if that was anything to go by... but I suppose being a fanboy cock.. opps I mean fanboy clock makes it ok to make a shit movie or two...

Enjoy your 5 minutes of fame... XD and don't be no smart ass in your reply saying all the people watching this will add up to more then 5 minutes... because frankly it won't, they're just watching it at different times...

It's stuff like this that is the reason why flash animators have to work harder to get a respected rep from people other then just their little fanboys...

I laughed my ass off.

Doesn't anyone see the humor here? Looks like NG suddenly consists of nothing but flaming kiddos who think everything is gay. Kids who complain about the intentional spelling errors without being able to write correctly themselves. Kids who just doesn't get simple humor.

If everything on the front page has to be 6 months of hard work then I wouldn't get pleasant surprises like this. Thank you, frontpage/Tom! Pay no attention to the angry, immature youngsters.

Wow Ghrate Flahs Movee ?

Are you dyslexic ?
it killed about 2 mins of my time . thats all i can say really

Four is surprisingly high for this I think

Though I did like watching the kitty fly in and save people, it was pretty boring really... The last bit kinda had a dark humour to it, which I bet now a mojority of the americans on this site will take fofence to.

However, I did not rate it low for that... I rated it low because of the way you crappily used intentional spelling mistakes... And how it is such a simple game with no real challenge...

stop abuseing this mother****ers :P

sereousley, dont bash this just cause of the wtc reference, its just a flash game.

besides, anything can be funny, even rape, want proof, picture porky pig rapeing elma fudd.

fun game, although i wouldnt call it a game realy, just the text realy annoyed me