Reviews for "KITTY SAEVS TEH DAY!!!"

Kitty saves teh day!

Kitty saved teh day! yay! woooo kitty save!


The graphics are overtly simplistic (just a cat floating across the screen)

Having to click on the images to continue was annoying and unnecessary.

Also, pointless and stupid. The humor was... nonexistent, and the WTC part was a tad tasteless, even for someone like me.

Sorry. Try again.

Funnyest thing ever

i laughed my ass off just watching it fly in and save ppl randomly but at the end i know this is bad but the way kitty came flying in to the twin towers i nearly pisssed myself realy i did all most piss myself it was dat funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha iam gona watch it ten times over XD

wat the?

it was kinda cheese... u should be alowd to save the day becuse kitten is ganster!

I Lost...but I saved Martin Luther King Jr!!!!

I saved 3 people, Elvis, Maryln Monroe and M.L.K Jr. But, even know I saved them, I killed the most important person/thing/it in the game! The BUILDING!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhh! I killed Kitty too. Show me the path of destiny and help me save the building and Kitty! If I save them, I may also reduce my taxes and save a bunch of money by switching to Geico!