Reviews for "KITTY SAEVS TEH DAY!!!"

¬¬ -.- @.@

hey dojofish! "attempt good grammar? hav even got an idea wat a lolcat is? ¬¬
the games great.


Bad grammer, bad plot, and no way to win, if you click the tower, you lose cause it catches fire, if you don't you lose cause the kitten crashes into it . If your going to make a game, make it fun, attempt good grammer (Unless that's part of the game) And please make some way to win, there's no fun in a game that has absolutly no way to win.


It was short but sweet.. what other game lets you save MLK?

Poor me

I is teh murderer ! supa kitteh ish vewy dessapointeded in meh and teh humaws tet wived in that citeh aer awl Dessapoinateded. P.S that WAS very hard!

My Grammar Sense is Tiggling

It would be a LOT better, with a better grammar AND a real End...

A longer game will be correct too !

The principle is interesting... I think...