Reviews for "KITTY SAEVS TEH DAY!!!"

10/10 would kitty again


Well can't say the joke was the best for what the content was but I do say that the idea of it was somewhat entertaining I do like the work you have done here as this was pretty good visuals

Some nice visuals the joke could have been executed better


As dumb as this was, it wasn't the worst thing I've ever come across. I guess it was just interesting to see the WTC again. Yeah, no one could save that. It was at least nice to see that cat again. I guess this is pretty dated. I didn't even know this was a game from the title.

It just seemed more like something that would be a movie. With a title like this, it can't be that good. This has been done much better elsewhere. Well, it is the Clock Crew. You guys have done better.

Well, you successfully made me not understand a single word you said, and made fun of 911. Congratulations, I hope you're happy with yourself.

I remember this, from when it wasn't 10 years old. Though I think it was more like 2005 when I saw it originally. This earns high esteem from me if for no reason other than that it was made less than a year later. I resented all the idiots around me and their stupid nationalism at the time, I'd have liked for a mocking voice around me like this one, and it takes balls to have made a game like this in the first half of 2002. Though it would be kind of funny no matter when it was published. Plus I need to raise the unfairly low rating it has. I surmise most of them were from 2002 considering there's only one low rating on page 1 of comments now, which starts in June 2011. Obviously, if there are 87 pages of reviews and the first one goes back more than 3 years, the majority are from 2002. Written by a bunch of those same nationalistic pricks who drove around at 2 am in their SUVs honking their horns with giant American flags on coming out the roof. Look past your own time, you pricks. Right after MLK was assassinated or JFK or Marilyn Monroe died, there would probably be people who would have been offended by this because of that, and wouldn't have even gotten the world trade center thing. But it's no big deal to you, someone making light of their deaths. If it's good at one time then it's good in general and it's good now so you shouldn't have been so shortsighted, frigging trolls.