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Reviews for "40 Optical Illusions 2"

pretty good! 5r definatly!

BanglaBoy96 responds:

cheer bud :3

Fun game

Wanted to say that the intro was a nice touch, i dont see much of that but when there is a menu page, intro page, but you really did some nice designs and such, gives the whole flash more depth and qulity so grats on a nice menu/intro page. Now i must say these types of game are fun, And thanks for the qualityoption that was pretty good, Ok so this was a pretty good game, i actually got a few of the medals wich was nice, the "DESIGN-LAYOUT" was kind of sloppy though and you should think about adding some more effort there as it was just kinda sloppy, So maybe as an improvment option a more fresher look more borders, maybe not so much use of random stuff either, It was a fun game though maybe make it "HARDER" aswell as this one seemed too easy i thought. and addinga few more medals wouldnt hurt aswell, well these are just a few ideas i hope they help, also one last thing, it was hard to click on some buttons mainly the "TEXT" only buttons like the "LOW-MED-HIGH" buttons that could be better looked at aswell, And once again we have another decent flash, theres not alot i can say to improve on this but there are some things that could be cleaned up as menioned and below, but for the most of this its pretty good and i liked everything i saw here, so keep up the good work. anyways nice work here.

Ok I will start off with saying this is actually pretty decent the flash has good potential, it does need some more work there, below are a few ideas that could make it better but does need your effort on this, So use some of the ideas it will greatly make this better and allow you to have more viewers to your flash aswell. So i suggested a few ideas, one being that the layout needs more of a better design and more fresh look and less random colors here and there. A great addition are medals to any flash, and i like the ones you had on here, allthough it could use much more medals, people on this site really love the medals and could really enjoy it more with some more medals, so give it a try it wont hurt.

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Thanks for the well written review :)

nice i might uise this on a friend this summer! >:)

BanglaBoy96 responds:

cheers man! :)

I got all the medals

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Congrats! :) and thanks for the 10!


BanglaBoy96 responds: