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Reviews for "40 Optical Illusions 2"

AWESOMMMM i luv da cat won :3

Nice game, goods optical illusions.

One bug in my brain ??

Cool collection bro:3

Good collection but I think the backgrounds are a bit much some times take away from the illusion. Still you found some ones I've never seen so thats nice.

This could have been a lot better. The presentation left a lot to be desired. The medals unlocked correctly, but the popup doesn't "remember" that you already got them so it keeps popping up every time you click (for example) the "exotic" wallpaper. The sound didn't work for me at all, which was okay (since it was probably annoying) but it would have been nice if it had worked.
And for an E-rated flash, there were too many F-bombs in text (medals mainly).