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Reviews for "40 Optical Illusions 2"

Secret Medal

Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but the secret medal is to use the background thats kind of like purplish. It's in Column 4, Row 4 of the backgrounds.

BanglaBoy96 responds:

The Palm tree one yeah? yep that's it. Although wouldn't it have been cool if you kept that to yourself? ;)

Great images!

not bad man! I already see images like it,but where you find this stuffs?

BanglaBoy96 responds:

check the credits

Subliminal messages?

There's a couple of times in the intro where things flash for 1 frame only. Really annoying :P

For those of you OCD like me and trying in vain to printscreen the frame to see what it says when the "SYNAPSES PRESENTS" shows up on the screen, it simply says "And BanglaBoy96".

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Sorry that's not a secret message! it's a small glitch I couldn't seem to fix.
Sorry bout that

Nice Ilusion

that bunny - duck trick is realy lovely...

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Thank you that's my fave too

great illusions

if only you invented some illusions then this would be epic but don;t matter, they're awesome ilusions. by the way.. why is my name featured under the preloader?

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Thanks for the review :)