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Reviews for "40 Optical Illusions 2"

The running cat I think was the best. there is one (an optical illusion) I have seen on FB quite a lot is a set of bowls each with three little divets. when you look at the picture the 1st time they seem to upside down, then when your eye focuses on the middle bowl they are all suddenly the right way up.

My past self never gave this a review. Though I fell out of liking optical illusions like I used to, this is quite an interesting collection, and I feel like I remember some.

brain not feeling too good....... hurts a little..........

awesome game and easy achievements nice one i hope you do more of these in the future

Nice, but -1star because NO SAZA.

Fun little collection of inspiring insane eye candy! Any more of these planned (it would be cool)? Keep up the good work!