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Reviews for "The Weapon"

Beautiful from beginning to end. All the hard work you put into this paid off sir. I love how you mixed in the electronic sfx in the beginning along with a full orchestra. Nothing is out of place (but to be really nit-picky, I think the drums should be louder and fuller at 01:38).

I tip my hat in your general direction. Full 5 stars.

Mattashi responds:

Thanks Spadezer :)
And I think your right I should probably make the percussion louder there.

Really cool! I wasn't expecting to hear something like this from you! Maybe I just haven't listened to enough of your music? I really liked the slowdown at 02:45. I've only associated you with the world music pieces you've made so this was definitely a positive surprise. I want more! :) I so wish I had the libraries and skills to make stuff like this :D

Mattashi responds:

Thank you Thonz! :)
There's allot of musical genres that I love so I try to write in many genres and love to try new things.
I'll probably make a few more like these in the future :) (maybe even an album!)
and don't worry about skills just keep on composing, experiment allot, listen to music that inspires you and you'll keep getting better and better :)

This is great! I can easily see how it's inpired by Elitistinen! I also realized I had forgot to favorite you earlier, even if I've been listening for a while hahha. Mistake fixed ;)
I didn't expect something like this from you either. You did a wonderful job with this track!
All the different parts blend together perfectly.
(Yay, I didn't realize you use Cubase too :p It's a lonely world if that's your DAW here on Newgrounds :/ )

Liked, faved :'D

Mattashi responds:

Thanks Lucid!
We must grow our army of Cubases on Newgrounds! :P
I used to use Fruity Loops at first but it was a pretty old 32-bit version so I bought and switched to Cubase 7 recently :)

I am really getting more and more impressed by your quality of mixing/mastering and not writing ability. Why? Because your writing has always been inspiring and intuitive. Seriously, as a doctor I want to dissect your brain to know what's going on in it lol...hehe. I second what MrBellington said below. You seriously need to work on your album now.

Mattashi responds:

Hahaha thanks Emid! xD
tell you what you can have a look at my brain in exchange for 10 new songs from you :P (I would love to hear an album from you aswell!)

I can hear how you were inspired by Elitistinen. Just like him you create a good combinaion of industrial electronic/metal music, epic orchestra and heavy percussion. It reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's not so much that the music sounds alike, but your song just puts images in my mind of giant robots fighting supernatural creatures for the sake of human existence. I particularly like the choir sound, and how the people are actually singing words instead of just "Oohs" and "Aahs". I'm looking for some new software and plugins, so I'll check out the things you've used. The structure of the song is also very good. How it sounds like a machine gearing up, how the song's tension rises and falls, and how it ends in some sort of double time.

Mattashi responds:

The Symphonic Choir Word Builder is an awesome VST, probably one of my favorite from EWQL.
It does suck up allot of ram though (I had 2 of them running and I think I need to get my ram upgraded).
You can basically type words you want the choir to sing you should definitely check it out! :)
Thank you for the review!