Reviews for "groove machine"

I love the atmosphere and synths and melodies. It's climactic and catchy, and very well-structured and smooth-flowing. This is a nic-picky thing, but it might be a good idea to come up with some less cliché transitions than :44 and 1:43: crashes and snares repeating over and over again is just way overused across the genre. You did succeed in making a very memorable and melodic dance song, though, which at the same time remains comfortably within the bounds of your style as well. Nice work, Johnfn! :D

johnfn responds:

It's kind of funny you say that the 4 crash thing I did is a cliche because I can't really remember hearing it in a song. I seem to be reinventing edm cliches inadvertently, which is cool, maybe. haha.

Anywho thanks for the review :D

:O A month starting with a song where you designed your own sounds? Must be bagpipes month!

There's nothing I can say about the melodies. They're groovy, catchy, and original as usual. I think the instrumentation probably could have been a bit denser (m0ar bass!), but the overall effect was very nice.

The sounds you designed were really excellent. They sounded somewhat similar to your older ones, but different enough so that I could tell what you were doing and could enjoy them. I especially liked the really twangy one at 1:15 and 2:13. The way that the different synths would come in and do their awesome melodies is a johnfn trope that your followers have come to know and love. :)

The reason I'm taking off half a star is tempo. I love your drum work, man. But this time, there were just so many gaps, double hits, jumps, etc. that I just had to take half a star off. I know you can do better than that! :/

Your endings are also getting better. I could tell one was coming this time. :D Great work as usual! Can't wait for more original sounds to come!

johnfn responds:

Bagpipes month lolz. I wanted to troll you guys on April 1 and do bagpipes month as an April Fools joke but I ran out of time. :(

> m0ar bass

True fax, I actually did have most bass, but I was getting fatigued listening to such a bass heavy song so much so I turned it out. I think that that decision makes it a slightly worse song if you only listen once, but it also makes it easier to relisten to the song more than once.

> durmz

IT'S NOT DRUM MONTH THAT MEANS I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT HHAHAHAH AHA HA! But yeah I was uncertain about these too. I feel drums are actually my worst aspect - well, except maybe instrument choice. Actually I showed it to my friend who's into breakcore and he totally loved it so idk, it could be a taste thing.

> I could tell one was coming this time. :D


Anyway thanks for the review :D

So it's finally sound design month ey? :'D
Wouldn't have needed that dead giveaway hint either :)

Well, the melodies are amazing for sure. They seem a bit familiar somehow (at least the chords and rythm; maybe just from some of your earlier work), but I definitely don't think they're stolen. I can easily hear the johnfniness in this piece XD
I don't have much to say :/
All the instruments you used (made) sound good and go well together. I liked the slow beginning, and at least you let the song bleed out preoperly in the end :)
I could've easily listened to a longer version, but I know you probably don't have that much free time XD

Good job!
Liked, faved :'D

johnfn responds:

Haha it's not very much of a hint but I wanted to tell you that i made ALL the sounds! :D Well, almost all.

The interesting thing about the chord rhythm is that the first chord gets 8 beats, then 3, then 5. I don't think I've done something with that rhythm before (though not for lack of trying haha).

Yeah I wanted to make a longer version but no time. Also, I was having some blocks even making the solo as long as it was and I wasn't sure what to do hahaha whoops.

Thanks for the review!

Sounds pretty good. I think I know what you mean with 'stolen'. The main melody reminds me a bit of 'Sign Your Name' by Terence Trent D'Arby. Anywa, it's quite nice what you made, and it's not stolen at all, just a bit similar.

johnfn responds:

Ha yeah it does kinda sound a little like that song. I've never heard that song before so it's just an interesting coincidence I guess. (Also, I think my variation is slightly better than his ;-) ;-))

Thanks for leaving a review :)

Now that is something amazing that you have done there.
I can hear the difference between the quality work that you have put forward and most of the people here, the way you play with the soundtrack is really something special, not something someone finds every day.

Extremely well done!
A strong 5; I hope to see you near the top of the charts this month for this track.

johnfn responds:

Thank you!