Reviews for "Gap Monsters"

Encountered a glitch...

While the game states I've only cleared 44 out of 45 stars, I checked the stars listed on the map and I have 45 stars. A potential glitch?

A Fantastic Headscratcher of a Puzzle Game!

A fantastic game for spacial thinkers of all shapes and sizes! Great music, HILARIOUS sound effects, beautiful graphics, and a number of difficult puzzles by default which house a number of clever solutions! And if that's not enough, you the PLAYER can make your OWN puzzles to stump others with! This significantly boosts the replay value of what would otherwise be a one-playthrough game.

All and all, this game is a great way to test your sliding puzzle skills and kill a couple hours or more, depending on how serious you are about those Medals!

And now for the non-review portion (which means no point deductions!) of the review:
That noisy sound-dogpile glitch exists in Opera Browser 11, too! And I can identify where it pops up, but I certainly can't say what triggers it. I should also mention that this glitch happens REGARDLESS of it sound, music, or both are disabled at the time.

I've encountered the glitch in these locations:
- The Level Select screen after exiting a level and waiting a moment OR entering this screen after making a level.

As I have no idea how to program ANYTHING in Flash, I unfortunately have no proposed solutions. I do however get the idea that this was something that broke in a recent Flash update rather than a browser update, or even a browser/Flash miscommunication thingy. It sucks, but I don't blame Nutcasenightmare for it since they said it just started doing it for no apparent reason and presumably, they have NO idea how to fix it. D:

Nutcasenightmare responds:

Yeah, it could be a general Flash Player update problem.
But seeing as how loading any custom level triggers it, it could also be due to an update in the Newgrounds API?...

Anyway, thanks very much for your review!


i m fall in love with thisgame


SO ADDICTING i was like im notta like it then 5 mins later i was like wooo

This is insanely addictive, and really creative! It's a wonderful little strategy game. I nearly choked on laughter at the screaming the little monster makes when you enter the tile... Oh my gosh. That was hilarious. xD Well done~!