Reviews for "Gap Monsters"

Shake it

it was a good, mind-bending game (especially for people like me who are horrible at puzzles in the first place.) But I found out that it's possible to shake the creatures off of a block. I don't if you meant to do that, or it's some kind of physics thing you forgot to erase while making the game, but it kind of ruined. Sometimes it made the puzzle easier than it should be, sometimes it made the puzzle impossible, and you had to restart the level. Other than that, it was a really good game.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

No, you're supposed to shake some creatures off of a block.
In fact, in Don't Catch Me, it's the only solution, in order to show you that shaking 'em off is a valid strategy!

I liked it

The snide commentary was enjoyable, and the screams were absolutely hilarious, they are probably what kept me playing for an hour.

Great Puzzler

Tricky a few times~
Made me think and that makes this an awesome puzzle game!
There is only one downside and that is stricktly a personal preference: some of the levels are hard to do without a regular mouse. Laptop pads make some of the levels horribly difficult. But after grabbing a regular mouse everything was better.
8/10 for laptop users
10/10 otherwise

GeroGirl approves!

Nutcasenightmare responds:

I definitely understand - I use a mousepad too, and it's a broken one at that.
( Long story short, I thought my laptop was thirsty )

For this reason, most of the levels require no timing, and only level 'CATCH ME' requires precision with timing. And for 'CATCH ME', it's easy even with a mousepad, when you use the R key to Reset.

Thanks for the review!


First time I see puzzle like this. .well the basic idea is nothing new but the way you have to do it.

Nice sounds and looks good!

This game was so damn cute. I don't have the patience right now to play all the way through but I will definitely come back to it. Very fun, original, the little creatures and their screams were simply adorable. Kudos to everyone invloved in making this game. This would be fun to play on the go on my phone...
Very nice game, it;s simple but complicated. Certainly one of the most fun puzzle games of this style I've played in a long time. Well done, I'll be coming back later to finish this (: