Reviews for "Gap Monsters"


This is a very unique one of a kind game that is almost as addicting as lights out was when it came out. I could easily play this game for hours.

Keep up the good work! I would love to see more games like this on NG!

Encountered a glitch...

While the game states I've only cleared 44 out of 45 stars, I checked the stars listed on the map and I have 45 stars. A potential glitch?

Original and above 10

I admit, this is new. I don't recall any games like this mostly because it's a real challenge to make which proves you were real dependent on making this. Game play was original so I give you a 10 and because of the various effects. Controls were also original and different in a variety of levels so 10. I give a 10 to quality because it was smooth and the game had no lags. Sadly the straight tens end at storyline which is an 8 due to no introduction or stories on except for the mini stories. Challenge is a solid, over average, 10. Why? This game makes itself harder on noticeably while level creator just adds different challenges for different strategies. Addiction was great because of you know...the different and fun situations. A 10 for game length because the main game lasted long and is continuously growing by level creator. Effort would be a 10 and everyone knows why. Finally, fun is a 10 because 10 is a fun...thing. This is one of the best puzzle games I've played so far. Good job!

Story line-8
Game play-10
Game length-10

"This game was all enjoyable, all genius, and all I forgot what to say! Heh,heh" ~Shawn G.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

I originally had my worries on how people would react to, as you said, a completely new game mechanic. But I'm glad that at least *you* weren't completely horrified by it!

And yeah, my story begins with monsters being ended.
Screaming in horrified agony. Not much of an introduction, I admit.

Thanks for the very in-depth review!
Play on, fellow monster.

This game changed my life

because now I cannot look at a tiled floor without thinking of how to move tiles to trap a Monster in a corner and such.

I am honoured to have made a tiny contribution to this wonderful puzzle game.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

No, thank YOU for the in-depth testing, very valuable suggestions, finding solutions with fewer moves than I could find, and so much more!

Your contribution is in no way 'tiny'.
After all, you submitted a level with pixel art of a black cock. And that level was kinda hard.

So, once again, my most Special of Thanks to you, fellow monster.

this game make me think

I CAN´t PASS the "love " level, but I know all the work you made it, the negative ones, jezz it´s amazing . :)