Reviews for "Gap Monsters"


i must congratulate you on your valiant efforts. its a simple concept overall, yet it is so mind boggling. The humor all along the way is something you mr nutcase my friend, are great at.

with that, we know your potential. I think you have found a career as a game designer.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

Thank you, I do enjoy game design!

It's like birthing a baby so precious,
that I can charge other people to play with it.

puzzle game that makes you laugh

first my brain boils at solving puzzles and then i release the steam by laughing , it's even monsters yelling or gags you have written that make me laugh , together with music that is really good but at least like 4 tracks will be better , and graphics is simple but good ... and i wonder if Nutcasenightmare has a really big brain , i mean i have played some other of your games and i wonder how can someone keep on making puzzle games , if i will try that ... aww fuck , my brain hurts from even imaginating such thing , let's hang out with friend and have a couple of beers before my brain becomes demesc...demekfkf...retaasdka......YA AAARGHH *dies in pain*

Nutcasenightmare responds:

False, my brain is small.

That's why, to make space for the puzzle-design part of my brain, I stored my empathy, childhood memories, and capacity for love... all onto an external hard drive.

Needless to say, the data got a bit... corrupted.


This is very addicting and awesome! So FUKIN good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great game

hey nutcase didn't know you were a brony

Nutcasenightmare responds:

Welcome to the herd.

with all honesty

this game makes no sense to me idk it's like you can do this but for some reason you can do it again but good game though please make like a huge tutorial for people like me who don't get it one bit