Reviews for "Gap Monsters"

The Song Is Angry Birds

It Reminds Me Of Angry Birds On Iphone 10/10 Good Game

great game

this is one hell of a game, the calibre of this is topnotch and deserves a shot at the tank awards, fuck the people who hate this, this will keep me occupied until battlefield 3 comes out


This game is perfect for what it is; it has catchy music, simple yet entertaining graphics, challenge, and most of all, innovation. I just love the look on the little monsters faces! So cute, yet in such pain. Ha. Well good job, I hope you make more games with such quality in the future.

This is amazing.

It's impossible for me not to laugh at some of the things these monsters yell.
Especially when it comes to the dead phone line sound.

You, sir, have done a spectacular job.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

The truth is that they're all actually silent.
Your mind was screaming FOR them.

Your mind was also reminding you to not go over your phone plan minutes.

Eternal agony


Can't think of much to say. It was definitely funny. The screams of anguish really made it.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

Thank you, these Monsters have been both bred and then genetically modified to produce the most satisfying of screams.

This game is the product of blood and tears... not mine, though.