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Reviews for "The Z-Word"


but too short and it's too easy once you have all bought, and it's easy too all bought.

PS: how get avenger achievement?


zombies? okay. Zombies vampires and magik? no.

playn this game was a big fat mistake

makes me want to use the F-word

unclear, glichy ,bad art style and terrible control AND an overuse of done-to-death game refrences (Vinyl Fantasy? give me a break) makes this an REALLY boring game with the only neat part being....oh wait, there is nothing good about this game


It has a lot of lagging, especially after the tutorial level. I don't understand why there is a blue werewolf, and as jumbijumbi stated a vampire is not only touching, but throwing crosses at you. But these are only minor contradictions. The big problems would be the fact when you attack, half the time the character stops halfway through, as if she were retarded or having a seizure (or both) thus leaving the opponent unharmed and you open for attack.

Some problems...

Being forced to follow unclear instructions that dont allow skipping what should be trial and error controls, doesnt help. And why is a vampire attacking me with a cross? For those that cant start, try reading ALL the instructions (chances are its the esc button you need).