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Reviews for "The Z-Word"

It has good potential

Just work on it some more!
I like the fact of using diffrent weapons for diffrent enemies!
I didn't incounter any glitches, but I will say that the game is impossable to get threw at the vampire part! They keep swarming me, and making it impossable for me to even lift up my bat!
This game has good potential but theres a few things you need to do...

* Work on the enemy animation
*Only allow 2 vampires at once on the screen
*Fix all the bugs I keep reading about
* and possibly make the shop more organized and neat, every thing felt like it was all over the place!


This could be a very great game, but the controls just completely kill it.


i like it. once you get used to the controls then its a great game

the controls

the controls are very awkward

Game won't start?

It says press "D" to start, but D doesn't do anything. If you are going to make a game that is only playable on certain browsers you need to clarify as such.

Note: this game will play on Firefox, but will NOT play on Chrome.

And on to the game play.

I like the style of the game, and it had the potential to be really awesome. However, the hesitation that occurs when changing weapons while trying to attack is rather annoying. Furthermore, standing near a sign pauses game play,

So if for instance you are trying to fight a vampire for the first time, and every time you club him, and then try to switch to a stake, the directions for how to kill him pop up again pausing the game just long enough for him to get un-stunned making it to where you are almost dead by the time you reach the wizard for the first time. Even in the second stage it was difficult to switch to the stake in time to kill the vampires. You might consider having a separate button for the stake.

Also, beginning the next stage with my health at the same point, is really irritating. If you are going to make a game that has stages, you should consider making it to so that at the beginning of each stage you have a full health bar.

As if that were not frustrating enough, the controls are really awkward. Something that might fix this would be to either use Q-W-E and A-S-D for the actions, or use W-A-S-D instead of arrows, and U-I-O and J-K-L for actions. Also, giving both a left and a right handed set of controls is always a plus. I can control a character with my left hand just fine, but attempting to use it for a set of actions that is spread out across the keyboard is pointless.

As for any of the previously mentioned glitches or lagging, I have not seen any lagging... As for glitches, the first one is in the second stage, when a zombie gets stuck st the bottom of the screen. However, I was unable to play all the way through the game due to the controls, and the fact that I was killed by the first set of vampires in the second stage because I kept scrolling past the stake.

I am giving the game a 4 because it seems to be moderately well planned out, and the concept and design has definite potential. However, due to the incredibly awkward controls, and irritating tutorials the game was not nearly as fun as it could have been, and considerably more frustrating than it had to be.