Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab"


Ze review I will write in French hohoho. No seriously nice compolation work Travis, in regards to standards. Everyones part worked well together in my opinion. My only issue is that I love it when lady gaga performed by Glee comes on, I don't understand why mario is in pain? :P No actually I really do.

hint for the easter egg; it was designed to test the patience of the searcher. Happy Hunting!


That Was so so Funny!

Hahaha! You just got castleblocked!!!

Okay, i have to admit, that was pretty funny.
Wait, what am I saying?!?! that was epicly HILARIOUS!! There aren't enough stars on the meter to give you an accurate rating... so, yeah. 20/10, guys; 20/10.

Bloody Brilliant!

Comment Title says it all

.....................Just silence until my comment

-1 for lag
+1 for awesome collab
+100000000000000000 for luigi crapping cement
Too bad theres not a 100000000000000000 rating,So i just did 10 since its the highest.