Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab"


nice animation, its impressive how you guys used the sprites so well, and give together a great animation like this, nice teamup, i cant wait for the sequel, you guys are talented, keep it up guys!



Collaborations are cool o/

Each person shows it's own style and skills

it's very funny and creative o/
Just a pity that the castle wasn't destroyed at all D:

ps: Mr. Lange's latter animation= So that's how to shi* bricks =D


I loved the last one (number 16 I think)


It was nice to have participated in this and it was a fun time. But wait, I know what you're thinking. "Why the 8?" Well allow me to explain. I liked this a lot at first, but after thinking about it for a bit I realized there were many flaws in this that could have been easily fixed but weren't. Allow me to list some.

-Why was there a missing number before my first part?
-Why didn't you fix the obvious mistake in the preloader transition?
-Why did you acknowledge the problem with the easter egg playing the whole collab but not fix it?
-Why didn't you update my first part to the newer version I sent?
-Why didn't you ask for missing fonts? This one was big.
-Why did you remove my watermark on the preloader? It was pretty small.
-Why were the same person's parts so close together at times? They should have been spread out.

Just to give you an idea. There was really no reason to rush this so I don't see why you had to release it so fast. You left out like 10 good parts too which could have made this better. I hope the next one will be perfected a little bit more and not rushed.