Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab"

to funny

i love the last one

An awesome Collab with creative Ideas & Teamwork

But also one gigantic mistake: It wasn't 8-bit.

While really all scenes were clean animated and really had many good ideas, it can't reach Classic status. The music and the animations lacked quality, the watcher couldn't get deep into the whole thing, rather waited until the flash is over, not expecting anything big to happen.

I don't really think it's fair to rate this 6/10, but not to not support NG's [unique] Review sentimentality, i must do so.

Though, keep on going - making collabs :-)

Very Good

Don't be disappointed. Every scene looked crisp and clean compared to every other video game collab that I've seen. *shudders* Anyways, you all did a great job by making this look good and still be funny at the same time.


Keep going :D


I almost laugh my ass off =3