Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab"

this is done very well as a collab, still doesn't come near the original witch was one person who made it but there was verity in this witch is good.
I usually like when there is some with better quality then others but it feels weird because there all good but when there was some better then others BUT the one thing that saves it from mixing quality was short factor part witch is utterly weird to me that one person was able to balance it so well to make it feel like a collab, some of these Idea are kinda bland and not that funny. Other then those flase it was well animated and I was laughing a couple times so good job for this group effort, I know it's kinda late for reviewing this scince there is a sequel witch is LOADS better then this.


you are a awesome man that made this and made it so loooool

*Mario uses GAY LUIGI*
*GAY LUIGI eats the castle*
Mario: Well thats it. *Mario hears GAY LUIGIs Fart*
Mario: ???
*GAY LUIGI Epic Farts* *Castles appear again*
*Mario chases GAY LUIGI*

#1 lmao like da fuck?!