Reviews for "Reincarnation: TEND"

kind of tricky

this game is ok but a little tricky to figure out what to do but like the serie its alway good

...umm 10

what?I have no words

Medals Glich? Terminated Medal 0pts (Spoilers!)

Nice game, liked the addition of time-related puzzles (distracting the woman by dropping the book then dashing to the second window to set off the eggtimer so she leaves her drink etc).

But where are the medals? They are there because I finshed the game and got a 0 points medal called Terminated with a picture of a termite but thats not shown in the box where medals are, So whats up with that pls tell me

I'm the Evil babe!

I love Reincarnation's game C:


I love the evilness on all the series, and I enjoyed this one though it was short I had a problem though, a little glitch may be appointed as, when I clicked on the eggwatch to use the termite on the tree it kept saying that he was not to use it yet, had to restart several times until it worked I have several printed screens for the exact moment you're supposed to move to the tree...