Reviews for "Reincarnation: TEND"

Two things: 1:
the secret medal is beating the game for all who wondered.
If you use the diamond ring and while it is cutting go to the right it has never cut. that means there is no hole, no ring and the ring also cant be gotten a second time so you have to restart. dont know if you still fix this game but if you do I would fix this. that way also only 4.5

It is a good game,I was always a good fan of the Reincarnation.But,I learnt a lesson about caffeine from this episode :P..........

what the hell is the secret medal??????

This was both a bizarre and entertaining tale, and at the same time, it was just. Evil deeds to evil neighbors! I like the idea of a view of the ouyside and inside separately, it's really quite unique. Bit hard to find what I was supposed to find, or to realize how I'd open the window at first, but once the game's rolling it's rolling. Nice work!


now bugs are smashing humans.bwahaha truely evil.