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Reviews for "Mortal Kombat - OJ STYLE"

But why kill Sonya? She's hot!

And what did OJ Simpson do for a crime when he lived? (He's dead now). Sonya is one of the hottest game characters of all time!! Like: Zelda, Saumus, Lara Croft, Peach, Amazon, and others. She's a hot bitch? Why did you choose OJ Simpson to kill her? But I like it man, "Mortal Kombat!"

I think I could've done the narrator voice better.

I didn't know OJ drove something that big. How come the girl didn't fight back? And who was that other random character that popped up instead of the black and white guy? That is all.

=/ over done much?

okay now why in the world do we need to bring O.J. Simpson into something like this? redundant and stupid.. i would have rated it higher if the originality was there but this lacked that.. sorry dude.. you do good shit but this completely blew goats..

MAKE OJ DO ATTACKS as we never seen

ANd what kind of characters are those I'm interested. If you show me then I would give you more overall scores.

It ws alright....

The animation was a bit choppy and some of the OJ sprites werent OJ they were just JAX and did you realize that P2 picked OJ and then he was P1? Just thought I'd be a bitch today :)
But the end was pretty good.