Reviews for "Help the Hero!"

Enjoyable BUT:

:I LIKE THE STYLE! :D remember it from something... especailly the hero's assistance-nose.

This game feels to be all about the parts that you want intelligent AI take care of when playing as the hero xD


this game was amazing and it was a fun strategy type game

awsme game about the underdogs

if you make a sequel make the servent be the real hero, not some stuck-up, cocky, facker, narsusitic, coward, no natrual STR, RNG, DEF, MAG, and you notice he how stops at skull signs meaning danger ahead.

This menu music..

Reminds me so much of Legend of Zelda!
10 points just for an awesome nostalgic feel. Also the style is great!

This Game is so awesome. I have played most of these guys games and they are EXTREMELY good.