Reviews for "Help the Hero!"

Great game!

This game was really fun, simple and the dialog was hilarious. You really had to pay attention to the enemies strengths and weakness to plan on what items you will need and what you wouldn't.

I guess my only complete was that the game was kind of short and really simple once you figured out the system.

However in the end the flaws are greatly over shadowed by the merits of this game. Thank you for this game


Great, but the graphics are so bad, and you need to evolue the monsters of the first area!

Fun game

I liked the side kick thing
Also I noticed a glitch. If you place an item in an inventory it sometimes glitches out so that it goes in beween other items in the background and you can't re-pick up it.

Loved it

The game to me was hilarious, I loved the sad music in the menu screen combined with the manservents depressed "yes sir", it genuinely made me giggle. The game play was interesting however i would of liked to have been able to actually see the boss fight rather than simply a curtain blocking the way. However over-all very fun. :D