Reviews for "Help the Hero!"

Very Nice

It's nice to see a new puzzle game that manages to remain engaging and fresh throughout the game. I did have a couple of problems with the game to keep me from giving it a perfect ten. I sometimes had a difficult time remembering the enemies weaknesses from the briefing screen when it came time to equip the hero. This may have been intended to make things more difficult, but it just feels like artificial difficulty, which isn't fun. The other problem was that the items are not explained when on the conveyor belt, so it can be difficult to know what to take. For example, the rock looks nothing like a rock in my opinion, and I wouldn't have taken it if I knew what it was. Nevertheless, this is a lovely game, and I highly recommend it to people who enjoy fast paced puzzles.

wicked :)

one of the classics out there :D

Awesome strategy game.

This game is AWESOME! I started playing it, and then I just couldn't stop! I really hope there's a sequel, but this game is great for strategy, and it's good at decision making, deciding which weapons to throw out, which ones to keep, etc. It's an awesome game!




this game was amazing and it was a fun strategy type game