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Reviews for ""Re: Your Brains""

Huge JoCo fan

saw the title and immediately clicked on this thing


I'm a huge joco fan and ofcourse i know the song by heart :p
Just wanted to show some appreciation for the amking of this ;P

How to improve :

Full song :D
Lip sync
a few more different scenes so to say. ( Realy liked those dark sceenes when the zombies were all black :)
And perhaps some art at the preloader.

Anyways, great job ! Looking forward to your next submission :D

how nice C:

it was a very nice animation but u should improve ur drawings.
dont get me wrong that style really suit the animation C:

Pure Win

5, 10, favourited, and for god sake, FRONT PAGE!!!

Very cool!


Graphics were good and I thought the whole animation was funny, however The lip sync was way off and in my opinion needs improvement especially if you plan on doing something similar again.