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Reviews for ""Re: Your Brains""


Makes me wish Season 2 of the Walking Dead would get here sooner. Well executed. ..Remind me not to take any calls from "Bob"

Not bad

There was obviously a lot of creativity put into this. A litle more work would have made it a little bit better, though.

First, Bob's mouth could have been synced with the audio to match a lot better. With how it is now, it kind of takes you out of the moment.

Second, it is obviously too short, what with two more verses and a bridge left in the song. A lot more people would like this if it had the full song and more variation in the scenes.

Third, a minor nitpick, the flames at the end could have matched up a bit more with the waving motion. Not a big deal, though.

However, for what it is, it was done very well. Thus the 7. ^_^


best version ever (short)


Nothing says "Open the door" like a zombie with a rock/country voice

nice song with good animations to match

Please make another one/ an ending to this:)


Reminds me of 'The Walking Dead'