Reviews for "Just Some Birds"

Didn't resonate with me

The attempt of humor in this flash failed to connect with me, I didn't find any of the jokes funny... Plus it's very awkward, in an embarassing fashion.

Voted it a 2 for "nothing too new or insteresting".


Well that was weird.

Yah man

All that other flash in that front page is shit man ive been watching it all cause im like bored and its all fucking suck but this was pretty good tho it weirded me out that you made the worm talk cause it seemed like a cool dude and it was lighthearted about being got then you ate it and i was kinda meh cause the worm seemed fuckin cool but yeah anyway you get a 3 cause this was pretty damn good lol much better than all that other shit its all fucking shit especially that fucking gaycow joke jesus that shit was shit i hated that shit fuck this fucking world


A homosexual/bestiality father bird gives birth to an emo bird that is surprisingly even more homosexual than his father. I lol'd.

Perfect number of dick jokes

The animation was smooth and fluent, and the character designs where simplistic but detailed enough to give some life and depth to the birds. I enjoyed the idea of a teenage bird not wanting to learn, and the idea of putting human flaws onto characters worked well in this case. The intro was nice and smart and the pacing was great. All in all a good flash!