Reviews for "Just Some Birds"

but only humens can grow into men

sorry, i mean to grow into bird
but im allready a bird
to gorw into a mird
XD that was really funny!

now shut up and look for pinus'

Of course Penis tastes better then worm!

That was pretty good. Made me chuckle a few times. Especially all those little *hair flip*s XD. Animation was very nice ^^ However it was a bit quiet. I'd also suggest buying a higher quality mic for voice-overs.

All in all though, 8/10!

Pretty damn funny.

My only issue was it was a little quiet, but that aside, It was great.

Loved all of it

Loved all of it. Nice animation, and it was funny.

My only complaint would be... I guess it was a lil quiet..

But thats so minor!! Great job


I need to chatch me some penis I mean Worms