Reviews for "Just Some Birds"



Decent Job

You've done a good job animating, especially at 12 frames per second. I couldn't believe it when I saw the specs at the end because most animation looks quite bad at this setting. I did chuckle a couple times, but for the most part I didn't find it incredibly funny. The flash is original and I appreciate you not taking all of your ideas from other sources except yourself. You did throw in some references to pop culture, like the hairflip, and you pulled that off successfully.

I didn't laugh at the main joke of the flash and that brings it down for me. There wasn't really enough humour for me to personally enjoy it. I think you would benefit from working at a higher frame rate, changing up the stage size to widescreen, and perhaps asking some of the wonderful voice actors on Newgrounds for some voice acting help. The voice acting in this flash wasn't as enthusiastic as I felt it should be. Another issue I had was the art being very bland. It didn't have a lot of detail and although you may have put lots of effort into it, I felt it didn't show. You've got some talent, but this doesn't live up to its potential.

Really Good and Fun!

My one suggestion would be to get rid of the text that says "Hair Flip" only due to the fact that you only use text for that. Either add more text to some sound effects, or get rid of it entirely (not only that, but we understood he was doing that rebellious goth hair flip, we didn't need the text to understand that.) Otherwise fantastic animation! Obviously the text didn't detract enough from the experience (you're still getting a 10!) Just a minor suggestion.


this was so funny. XD I'm dying of laughter.


Just Awesome.