Reviews for "Robots vs Zombies (Game)"

Really good

i found this good game in a huge list^^ and i like it :)

this game is fun, but...

im kind of getting sick of seeing this mochi coin crap everywhere i go... i hate when i play an entertaining game, im seeing all this crap in them that requires me to spend REAL MONEY for fictional stuff im only going to use for a few minutes.

what is this, a game or a sex hotline? i shouldnt have to pay for stuff that isnt real and wont last more than a couple minutes.

i tried buying some upgrades only to see i had to register an account on a completely different site, and pay REAL money for fictional money to spend on damn upgrades!

i really wish that stuff would be kept off of newgrounds versions of these games... if we're not allowed to buy them with the in-game currency, then dont tease us with the shit, it really ruins the overall experience.

im being generous with the rating, because i still enjoyed the game, i just hate being screwed with.

buen juego

te mereces 10 ya que el juego es bueno y adictivo y combina el tower defence con otro tipo de juego

Decent game

I like it, and it will be in my favorites. I'm especially happy my buddy Mack got to do the music for it. Anyway, cool game, I did enjoy it.


Interesting, but there's some sort of glitch on stage 3 that stops the waves from advancing. You can still advance them manually, but when it gets to the last wave nothing happens. Also on the previous stages, once I'd get the final wave and lose, it'd initally say "Mission (X) Failed", (where 'X' is whatever mission I was on) but as soon as I hit 'Retstart' it would immediatly say "Mission (X) Accomplished"
You might want to check into these bugs. Otherwise interesting, if insanely hard game.