Reviews for "Robots vs Zombies (Game)"

Good game.

I enjoyed this game very much. Cool mixture of tower defense and shooter. Also there's a lot of stuff to buy and you can keep leveling up and collecting money for some good reason. The graphics were good as well and the general gameplay was enjoyable. Nevertheless sometimes the player's mech gets stuck on invisible edges of towers or whatever, which is kind of annoying. Also, it would be nicer if there were some more different weapons and towers, but all in all it's really fun.

Btw, couldn't experience any unbeatable levels, to be honest. In my opinion most levels on regular difficulty were much too easy. But I guess that's where the hardcore difficulty comes in handy.

A very nice game!

I think this might be the first defence game I've played where you were able to defend yourself with an actual character. Defense games can be annoying when it's just not you controlling it. It might not be much, but it's still a really cool feature. The music here is also great and gives you a wonderful sense of being in a technological world. The best thing is probably how good the graphics are. The towers themselves look great when seen from the standard aerial view.

Even the monsters are very nicely designed, with a lot of effort being put into making them look unique. It's nice to see a lot of strategy game combined with a defense one. I'm normally not a fan of strategy games, but anything goes well with defense games. I appreciate how cool it is when seeing the monsters die. This was a good unique experience.

Great until level 9 lol.

Seriously, the ghost waves make this map impossible. the ones at level 18, there's just nothing you can do. GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER

Badim responds:

All levels are beatable =) just try different approach.

I need to know

What is the game where you are an orange robot there is like 3 or 4 diff forms and you beat the shit out of zombies NO GUNS and you are in like a metal room but good game