Reviews for "Robots vs Zombies (Game)"

Decent game here

A fun flash you have here theres was lots of great visuals and some nice detail with some pretty good effort on your side of things, I was taken back with this submission, as it was pretty good. Im not too good at these game types but this was still pretty good i thought, and it was differant from some of those simular type of game, The monstors were pretty neat and a nice visual especially when you kill them, so you had some nice artwork here nice designs, OK so while this reviews is almost comming to an end i found this flash submission to be fun somewhat entertaining, it had some good visuals and showed some of your effort put into this, so keep at it as this was notbad at all.

So while this was a decent game it was hard to find much on it, but it was a pretty solid game, had some fun play value and some ok replay value aswell, I may have some improvment ideas for this game, but if not great job. AS i said no real ideas of improvment as it was pretty solid if you ask me. Hope to see some more improvment eventually.

this game is coool

I liked this game and even wasted a full day on it, just going back to it every once in a while because I'd get burned out trying to beat a particular level.

I have completed everything up to but not including the final level. Insane is right, I can't see how I could win except an unusually lucky series of waves that would be easy to kill but give plenty of UP to spend on upgrades.

As far as tower defense style games go, this was a nice change of pace in that you can actually participate and not leave it ALL up to automation. I found myself, unfortunately, kinda pigeon-holed into using double penetration lasers and a turret from very early on in the game because everything else took too long to fire, wasn't as accurate as I'd have liked and/or didn't hit enough enemies when a good shot went off.

I liked the upgrades and found myself in love with the stun traps (freeze just didn't cut it for me) but after a while, the faster a level progresses, I just found myself *almost* exclusively using the basic turrent and upgrading from there due to time and monetary constraints.

I played well past the point of having every single talent max'd out and still found myself to have trouble on a few of the later levels so kudos for difficulty/replayability. Sadly, the final level, as mentioned earlier, is simply too hard.

I thought I had problems earlier on in the game when the shielded, flying enemies would be super-fast, be tightly packed together in a swarm and friggin' TELEPORTED all at the same time (seriously, most overpowered combo I've seen so far, they didn't even NEED to be "tough" or be able to "split" since I had literally no chance of defending against them, anyway) but the layout for this particular level simply does not have nearly enough room for my taste.

Obviously it is quite doable but I guess I'm just not good enough nor lucky enough to be given a reprieve in this game. Oh well.

Altogether, I found it to be an enjoyable experience but when you bash your head against one level for so long, you can imagine how draining and overly demoralizing it can be.

It's a good game but bloody hell, the difficulty curve is artificially steep and leaving anything up to pure, random luck in a game such as this is a bit too much for some such as myself to handle.

Regardless, I thoroughly hope more quality works are pumped out that can rival this and mechanics tweaked so it is not so overwhelming even on normal mode. =)

As tower defense games go I did not care for it. I have played many games from these guys, most of them good this just wasn't their best work

weeelll!!! nice !!