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Reviews for "Secretnet"


Interesting game...but...Really?The Gatekeeper doesn't seem that smart.
Gatekeeper 'Are you going to tell anyone?'
Me'...Of course not silly!'
Gatekeeper'Okay person I just met!I trust you.'


But having to restart from the very beginning everytime is a pain.


very addictive in the different lines of story over the fictional characters on the net. It has a sort of realism to it in the fact the player is on the net to play this game.

Good story.

i wish though you could make something like this but a tad bit longer.

Kept me playing

It's a very interesting game, a kind of one that exactly interests me.

If was was completely nitpicking it would be cool if it branched out a little with different choices of things to say but really it is good as it is.