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Reviews for "Secretnet"

Interesting gameplay and concept

All of the characters have their own personalities in interaction with. Unfortunately, it's pretty linear, and there's few choices to do. If there was a sequel to this, maybe making it bigger (more than one channel), interacting with the various members (perhaps making them trust you enough to divulge information), and different endings (maybe you could've talked with Car0t beforehand and knew what he was doing).


IP's are so easy to get.


A pretty cool and fun game, but one thing I noticed is whats up with beating it? I played until I got 100% 3 times, but it doesn't do anything after that. The only thing left to do was lose it two different ways... any help?

Moar games like this

Multiple endings would've been cool, you never find out what the one chick does, but... Moar like this!


This game pulled me in. Would have loved more discussion paths and multiple endings though.