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Reviews for "Secretnet"

Should please fans

I am sorry to say that I am not a fan of these kinds of games. I guess I just never got used to one as I never played one on an official console. I still believe that for people who do like this sort of thing, it should please them. The best part was how I was able to advance to at least 7% and I don't even know how I did it! I guess it's the kind of game you just have to mess with. I never thought of it like that before, but I guess it is technically a point 'n click game.

You could have made it better by having more sound. Then again, all of the sounds are authentic, so it might not have been as effective if you did it like that. It seems to actually be a pretty good representation of how something like that would turn out. Granted, I know little about the topic, but I know my way around the world. The background is pretty good too.


this keept me hanging on the edge of my chiar........MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!


It's a nice change from the typical fps and action games. I liked the story you should make another game that is longer.

Great game but very flawed

This is a great idea of the game and I know this is not realistic so I would not ding you like other people did. However I played a few times and can't seem to win even when I get 100%. Only sad ending or a sadder ending. also starting from the beginning over and over is just getting annoying with many wrong turns can someone can make. Some improvements I would make is more options (regardless of ending), Right now I only can talk to Darkil and I know what would happen if I did talk to him. Let me talk to Tebi, penmanboat or Greatkeeper other to ask what they do. If car0t was coming back, please make the wait a lot shorter. Sorry but somethings need to change.


You can't win ...

the game was confusing in some ways but i liked it.