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Reviews for "Secretnet"


It started out well enough, a nice little set up, hackers killers, the whole bunch..
But then it turned out to be
and B. Quite anti-climactic.. even the "true"-ending wasn't very satisfying of an ending. Being sponsored by MoFun, I expected a bit more.. at least a bit more story to get drawn into the game more, before a nice conclusive climax, what i got was 3 different quite inconclusive endings... one of which was just plain annoying..
It's a good start, but try harder next time...


these kinda point and click game are the type i like to play, and where the story is pretty godd. you gotta make more and maybe with more side endings if any so stop reading this and get to work to make more......why r u still reading this? MAKE MOAR GAMES >:D

i have never seen such a brilliant game

i want more games like this. is there a different ending? anyway, it would be a shame to make not more games. keep up the AWESOME work!


Oh my god, I love games like this I haven't played one in so long thank you so much make more of theses games pleases!

What exactly is the selling point on this?

I just can't appreciate this. Apparently hiring a hitman is as easy as saying "No, of course I'm not here to get you arrested", and everyone just smiles and nods while I ask them for intimate details about their operations. I felt more like I was trying to gain information on a bunch of children, rather than international criminals.

There are only three ways you can "fail" to get to the end (which is mediocre) and two of those ways require you to have a mental disorder to legitimately pick them. The third failure is somewhat random and irrelevant.

The real kicker is that the writing in this isn't even good. Its the only thing a game like this can really have going for it and the best it can come up with is penmanboat. I want to provide constructive criticism, but besides some creative writing courses I can't think of much you could do with this one.