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Reviews for "Secretnet"

Not to bad of a game at all. A quick and easy text based game.

This was definetly an awesome game. enjoyed the storyline and everything. although i do agree with Octoraffe on how it does lack much of a story


Please make another one.

I love the premise of this. Sitting in the dark, doing dangerous and illegal things all for a story. It's the typical "journalist takes himself too seriously" story. However, I found it lacking in detail. I think you should make a sequel that continues the story, making it longer and more elaborate. Mixing the "chat" setting with the typical point'n'click, explore-your-surroundings kind of game would make this a really immersive experience.

I only played once, and I'll try not to spoil it for new players, but I got a pretty decent ending. This game has very little replay appeal.

However, to the creator and to players reading the comments, this game IS WORTH PLAYING. It's a very creative experience.. I really did feel like I was sneaking around where I shouldn't be on the Internet. Lost a star and a half for no replay value and short play time. Thanks for this!