Reviews for "Unreal Flash 3"


Music is great. the game is fun and ONLINE PLAY!!! this game is being favorited! Brutal game! =]

Its ok

Its ok, i liked this game and the other 2 unreal flash.
But, There's nothing new, except the maps, even almost all (if not all) the guns are the same than the guns in the rest of unreal flash games
Also, maybe im wrong, i cant remember, but the game modes are the same too.

It's kinda fun, but i got bored quickly

Not bad!

While it really isn't horrible and you definitely put a lot of work into it, It fell a little flat. It seemed like the exact same two games as before and that was really dissapointing. And the art style didn't really grow which isn't really a complaint but more of a personal gripe. I really liked the gameplay style and the controls were very smooth and worked nicely. It was hard and challenging and I did enjoy this. I really hope to see more from you with more awesome stuff! Great job!!