Reviews for "Homemade Tornado"

oddly entertaining...

poor animation,but i still loved it.ill be showing it to my friends.
how come i can picture cartman doing this perfectly?im pretty sure u didnt rip it off of south park,but it seems like something cartman would do,lol


It's very impressive! First I thought "Aww another crap flash animation..." But not at all!

*Laughs* That was really good.

Yeah alright, the animation wasn't fabulous but you made up for it with witty humor along with a few cheap laughs. The mediocre animation even had some sort of home made charm to it, making the flash even funnier. I would have given you 10/10 if the flash had amazing animation and graphics, but it didn't. I really hope I see more of your flash's soon, albeit with better graphics :3

Great flash, can't wait for more,


fuckin hilarious

but the real question is , does it work IRL ?

too bad it wont work in real life

not much to say except that some jokes were funny and i think that was the point so i give 8