Reviews for "Homemade Tornado"

Underrated, incredible!

That was amazing, good humor and good voices! Really well made! Lots of nice little animation tricks, really well done! One of the best I've seen on newgrounds. This is what NG is supposed to be all about: quality flashes by people who aren't professionals. Well done, truly one of my favorites. Ending was a bit weak, but I'll forgive that, makes the earlier parts more memorable anyway :)

Great!Need help?

I lol'd alot.I like the concept it is really different from the others can't wait for more.

P:S If you need any help pm me it would make me happy :D

Draconian144 responds:

Thanks! I might take you up on that offer in the future.


the funniest video.


the animation was soso, but the tornado... awesomeness.

i wanna help with voices or music, pm me if i can.


That was awesome!! :P