Reviews for "Homemade Tornado"

Moderately Good

Apart from the lacking character model and choppy animation at times, your submission was done quite well. You had an interesting concept, which I believe, kept the viewers watching. Keep thinking bizzare and work a bit more on the scene and you'll be fine, but that goes without saying.

Draconian144 responds:

Thanks! Haha, yeah. I am no professional, but I tried my best.


It's very impressive! First I thought "Aww another crap flash animation..." But not at all!

oddly entertaining...

poor animation,but i still loved it.ill be showing it to my friends.
how come i can picture cartman doing this perfectly?im pretty sure u didnt rip it off of south park,but it seems like something cartman would do,lol


it shows people what not to do

too bad it wont work in real life

not much to say except that some jokes were funny and i think that was the point so i give 8